Choose To Dump Your Waste Carefully To Help the Environment

They say, out of sight, out of mind. As much as this saying makes lots of sense, it does not apply when dumping personal waste. While it is common for any typical person to throw waste products – even those made of dangerous materials to the garbage bin, you should know that this practice might have an adverse effect to the environment; hence you should choose to dump yours carefully. One of the most waste product is none other than toilet papers, many people think that toilet papers do no harm to the environment but it is wrong. Toilet papers not properly disposed have a far-reaching impact on the environment. Wholesale toilet paper sellers might be blame for this but it is the person who is disposing these toilet papers are the one responsible.

The environment is one of the best gift given to us during creation. It beats logic why very few people care about it when it comes to waste disposal. Protecting Mother Nature is a full-time job that we should include in our must-do lists if our goal is to live happy and prosperous lives.

So, what are the dangers of improper waste disposal?

When you dump your waste, what happens to it next becomes the least of your worries. You, in fact, move on with life as nothing happened. What you do not know is that in the end, the environmental repercussions will be dire, not just for you, but for everyone around you, and in the end, the whole world will suffer.

Below are some of the environmental impacts of poor waste disposal

Water pollution

Most waste products contain harmful chemicals. When you live your garbage anywhere, water sources will be at risk. This is a resource that you cannot live without. When it gets contaminated, it becomes a risk to the entire ecosystem.

Air pollution

The environment was created so that we everything around it could become comfortable. When you don’t dump your waste in an open-air dump, then gases and dangerous chemicals emanating from it will be released into the air. To mitigate this, some people choose incineration. Bad move! The air pollution that comes from incinerators is worse than the one that comes from raw garbage, and when released to the environment, it can lead to acid rain which is highly toxic and whose results can be fatal.

Some garbage contains methane, which highly contributes to global warming when released to the environment. When incinerated, it can cause explosions that could be highly destructive to many elements within the ecosystem.

Soil contamination

When garbage is disposed of in a landfill, the chemicals in it penetrates to the soil, and the results are devastating. Some people believe that when they through garbage, it automatically acts as organic manure, which in turn makes the soil highly fertile. This is indeed a misconception. The truth of the matter is, when the chemicals in the garbage get into the soil, the results will discourage the growth of plants, and this will hurt animals, humans, and other elements within the environment that depend on this resource.

Something that should highly discourage you from throwing your garbage anyhow is that when the soil is contaminated, it cannot be cleaned easily unless significant excavations are done – the bad news is that the excavations will damage the environment further!

PS: most of the products we use today are made with chemicals. When they serve their purpose, we throw them away and forget they ever existed. What we fail to understand is that these chemicals don't disappear into thin air. They continue to cause harm to Mother Nature. Choosing to dump your waste carefully is the most significant thing we can do for the environment.

Eco-friendly waste disposal methods you can choose

If all the waste disposal methods I use are harmful to the environment, what should I do with my waste? After reading the section above, this is the question that is in your mind right now? Right? This question should not stress you any further, here are some green waste disposal methods you can choose. They will work great for you and still help in saving the environment.

1. Recycling

This is our top pick, which has been proven as the most effective way to get rid of waste. Instead of throwing what you consider trash, why not use it for another purpose?

It is interesting to note that some of the most disposed products such as plastic, aluminium, and glass are the ones that can be used over and over again. If you do this, you will;

• Minimize the need for raw materials

Most industries source for raw materials from the environment. For example, if you decide to reuse paper, then there will be no need for paper producing companies to cut more trees and make more paper since the demand will be low. You will save the world from deforestation.

• Highly reduces carbon footprints

When recycling products, only 20% of energy is needed make new products. This does not only save power but also reduces the emission of dangerous gases to the environment during processing; hence lowering the carbon footprint of the product.

2. Composting

As they say, old is gold. Composting is a method that has been in use for decades, and it is still one of the best green waste disposal methods. It involves keeping your waste in a pit for some time so that bacteria and microbes help in remediation. When this happens, a product with lots of nutrients is produced, and you can comfortably use it for your organic farm.

3. Garbage disposers

Garbage disposers are machines that shred sizeable recyclable waste into fine particles; hence aiding faster decomposition. Additionally, they can help you segregate certain kitchen waste such as fruit peels, food scraps, small bones, and vegetable peels. You can then dispose your dry waste into a recycling plant, and the wet waste to the composting pit or disposer unit.

Waste disposal is today a primary global concern. A large part of the earth is filled with toxic waste that compromises the existing balance in the ecosystem.

You can decide to use any of the three eco-friendly waste disposal methods and think that you have not done much. But this is a significant step that will change the life of your future generations. Therefore, choose to dump your waste carefully to help the environment. If we all do this, nature will, without doubt, pay back a million times.